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12 Good Reasons to Call Out of Work and 4 Tips for Asking


Maternity leave for up to 12 weeks (unpaid) is required for companies with 50 or more employees by the Federal law. In some states, your employer must also pay for your leave, typically through short-term disability insurance. If you get robbed reasons to call out of work on the way to work, it’s one circumstance that many bosses will give you some leeway to miss work. For example, you might need some time to cancel your credit cards, or you may not have your phone or work computer to do your work properly.

  • Whether you’re working in person or remotely there are, in general, legitimate reasons to call out of work — as well as those that are less so.
  • Car trouble is an unpredictable obstacle that can legitimately keep someone from getting to work if they depend on their vehicle as a sole source of transportation.
  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with your company’s policies regarding time off and follow the appropriate procedures when calling out of work.
  • In some cases, not calling in could be a health or safety issue for you or other employees.
  • If you do, your manager may ask if you could try to take a bus, train, or taxi.
  • “Personal reasons” is a catch-all excuse an employee proffers to retain their privacy.
  • That’s unfortunate, but if you run into car troubles, don’t be afraid to tell the truth and explain the problem.

Whatever support your family member needs, it will be hard to juggle that on top of your work responsibilities (even if you work from home). Yes, you could try, but more than likely your attention will be on other things. If you can, it’s best to step away from your desk for the day and take of your family. Food poisoning wrecks your body and often, keeps you up all night.

What to Do After Getting Approval for Taking a Day Off

It’s understood that car troubles can prevent you from commuting to work. However, it’s important to communicate the situation professionally. Some employers are more strict than others, especially if they provide paid sick time off. They may ask you a lot of questions about your https://remotemode.net/ illness and even require a doctor’s note attesting to your sickness. This doesn’t just affect parents that need to go to the office, either. Even if you work from home, that doesn’t mean you can be productive when school is unexpectedly closed or your babysitter calls out sick.

  • However, you might feel more comfortable being honest that you’re missing work for job search – if your boss already gave you an advance notice that you’re getting laid off.
  • If tax time is coming around, and you haven’t done your taxes, you may be able to get time off to do them.
  • You most likely don’t want your boss to know that you’re planning on quitting until you already have another job lined up.
  • Now the question lies in how should you give your good excuses to miss work on a short notice?
  • It is understandable to miss work due to an immediate family emergency.
  • You could also mention any skills you’ll learn that could help with your job.

We have made things easier by listing 15 excellent reasons to call out of work that look appealing to your HR and management. Cherry on the cake, we’ve also included example messages of how to convey your reason acceptably. In some cases, the weather could make getting to work impossible. For example, a substantial snowfall could make driving unsafe, especially if your road isn’t usually cleared by the city or county. The changes wrought by the remote work revolution have in many ways improved employee performance.

Good excuses for missing work at any time

It’s important to make sure you’re helping your working parents focus their energy on what matters most. Let this be the year we get rid of the notion of “guilty pleasures” because we deserve self-care, regardless of its form. Here are a few “guilty pleasures” we don’t feel guilty about. If you don’t want to work the so-called traditional 9 to 5 job, this one is for you.

what are some good reasons to call out of work

This is also something that you can easily notify your employer about ahead of time, since holidays are predictable events. Some employers will require a doctor’s note or proof of illness for this to be considered a legit reason to call off work. In that case, don’t be afraid to go to your general practitioner or a local health clinic. Not only will you get the proof you need, but you’ll likely get some treatment to speed up your recovery.

You’re Unhappy With Your Job.

Plus, with COVID-19 still being relevant, even having mild symptoms should be enough to make calling out justified. If you’re looking for excuses to get out of work, it’s essential to understand that you should only miss shifts when it’s genuinely necessary if it’s last-minute. Your absence creates a hardship for the company and your coworkers. Plus, making a habit of missing work can potentially cost you your job. Let your employer know why you’re calling out without digging into too many details. You can also discuss anything you’ll be providing them that supports the reason you gave as being valid, such as a doctor’s note.